About the Blog

‘Death in the Gay Den’ is an unfunny turn of phrase on ‘Death and the Maiden,’ the author’s way of reflecting on:

  1. The local gay establishment that has become internationally notorious as the site of a homophobic slaughter [x]
  2. The phenomenon of “the unfairly early age at which gay men are no longer deemed to be fun, attractive or valuable by their youthful peers” [x]

This blog aims to document the author’s experience as an out gay and trans person navigating the end of life care and death care professions and communities.

About the Author

The author of this blog has authored many a blog before in ages gone by yet still hasn’t gotten the hang of writing a witty, informative and brief ‘about’ section. Here goes:

Ariel Leigh has accomplished several notable feats and experienced all manner of unique and interesting phenomena and is still worried that he’s too boring to warrant a blog. Previously, Ariel was an Oxford-educated grad student who became an educator. After several mental breakdowns and existential heels-in-the-ground moments, he re-enrolled in grad school again for the 2017 academic year.

(The irony has not escaped him that his quarter-life-crisis led him to the end of life care industry and the death positive movement.)


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